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The woman is forced to use a pair of tweezers to perform the procedure as she drags the black mass out of her man's navel. A truly disgusting video has emerged, showing the moment a man has a navel stone pulled from his belly button.

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The horrifying clip shows the man lying on his back while his partner uses a pair of tweezers to dig a dark mass out of his belly button. As she pulls it out, the true size of the stone is revealed and she lays it on the man's stomach.

Speaking to her partner, the woman says: "Oh my God, that is so freaking disgusting! What is that? She then asks him if there's anything left in his belly button before giving up the gruesome procedure.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by Heather Price on February 8 and has since had several thousand views. Navel stones are also known as omphaloiths or umboilths and are masses made up of sebum and keratin deposition that oxidises into a solid, black accretion.

The Dermatologist website says: "For many people, a direct relationship to personal hygiene has been shown: omphaloiths occure in people who are neglectful about cleaning, or are unable to clean regularly.

The stones do not usually cause problems unless they become infected or inflamed and may go unnoticed for years. Subscriptions Sign Out. By Kara O'Neill. Video Loading Video Unavailable. Click to play Tap to play. The video will start in 8 Cancel Play now.

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Here's what we know about Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3, and who could be hit. Weather The particularly cold weather is expected to hit the country overnight, but during the day temperatures are set to be above 10C, the Met Office said.An appendectomy is the surgical removal of the appendix.

belly button stone removal

It is a common procedure that surgeons usually carry out on an emergency basis. The appendix is a small pouch that does not perform any vital functions in the body. However, it is close to the large intestine and is sometimes vulnerable to infection due to the accumulation of stool, bacteria, and other infectious material.

If it does become infected, a doctor will usually recommend removal of the appendix by appendectomy. When the appendix becomes infected, it can cause a painful condition called appendicitis. Doctors consider appendicitis to be a medical emergency because the appendix can burst, or rupture, allowing the infectious contents to enter the abdominal cavity. Removing the appendix before it ruptures is vital to prevent complications.

Surgery to remove the appendix is called appendectomy. Appendicitis causes abdominal pain, usually in the region of the bellybutton.

The pain may also radiate to the lower right section of the abdomen. Additional signs and symptoms that indicate appendicitis include:. If the appendix bursts, it is likely that the individual will also have a high fever and severe pain in the abdominal area.

Surgery is the most common treatment for appendicitis. While a person may take antibiotics to reduce the incidence of infection, doctors will usually recommend that healthy people have an appendectomy to avoid the appendix rupturing at a later date. An appendectomy is a common surgical procedure that doctors can usually perform using keyhole surgery, also called laparoscopic surgery. This procedure is less invasive than open surgery.

Surgeons usually perform an appendectomy under general anesthesia. As a result, the person will be completely asleep and unaware that the surgery is taking place. Sometimes, if the surgeon cannot see the appendix well enough or the individual has other health-related issues, it is not possible to complete the surgery using a laparoscope. In these cases, it will be necessary for the surgeon to perform an open appendectomy, which involves making a larger incision.

An appendectomy is often an emergency procedure, so there is usually little time to prepare for the surgery. After surgery, recovery time varies depending on the severity of the infection and whether or not the appendix ruptured. According to the American College of Surgeonsif the appendix did not rupture, a person may usually go home after 1 or 2 days in the hospital. A person will need to stay for longer at the hospital if their appendix has ruptured.

Here, they will receive powerful antibiotics and remain under observation for any signs of complications. People should avoid driving, drinking alcohol, and operating machinery for up to 2 days after surgery. They should also refrain from making important decisions because the anesthetic can make it difficult to think clearly for a couple of days.

A doctor will talk to the individual about activity restrictions and expected recovery time. Activity restrictions will typically apply for up to 14 days after the appendectomy. Most children can return to school within 1 week of the surgery if their appendix did not rupture and within 2 weeks if it did.

As they awake from surgery, a person will feel groggy and may have trouble thinking clearly.Among the beauty trends that have come out of hello pretty sparkles and soft smoky eyes! As we previously reportedpsychologists explain that the reason we feel a sweet sense of satisfaction from watching someone's pimple getting popped or blackhead getting extracted is for the same reason we can't look away from a horror movie or enjoy the thrill of a rollercoaster ride—it's an adrenaline rush.

Also, it doesn't hurt that you get to experience the oozing vicariouslyrather than having to get up close and personal with it IRL.

However, if you are removing your own blackhead—because let's be real, we all get them— this is how to do it correctly. In addition to the video that made 22 million stomachs queasywe've rounded up the grossest and the top-clicked blackhead removal videos of the year.

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Together, they've been watched a collective Hate-watch them over again if you dare. PS: It's kind of safe to say that if you have a sensitive stomach or a big lunch, the below videos probably aren't for you. You've been warned! We'd be crazy not to start with this bad boy. If you haven't already seen it, join the 22 million who have. When a belly button stone extraction generates this comment, "Omg I love this one," it must be either really gross, or This man's poor wife didn't have any luck removing these blackheads from his back, so they turned to a professional for help.

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Read More.A navel stone, known medically as an omphalolith, looks and feels like a hard, smooth stone that appears in the navel, or belly button.

What to know about navel stones and their removal

Another name for a navel stone is an umbilical stone. Keratins are a group of tough proteins that provide strength and durability to the hair, skin, and nails. Sebum is an oily substance secreted by glands in the skin, and it helps protect the skin from the elements.

The visible part of the stone is often dark brown or black, due to the presence of the skin pigment melanin and the oxidation of fatty acids.

The stone feels hard and smooth. Navel stones seem to be more common in people with a lot of body hair and very deep navels. As one doctor observes in a case reportnavel stones usually do not cause symptoms. A person may not even realize that they have one, unless a scratch, a cut, or an infection draws their attention to the area. A navel stone develops when sebum and keratin, as well as hair and bacteria, accumulate in the naval.

Keratin is present in hair. Navel stones are more likely to form in a person who has:. Navel stones are removable. Doctors can usually do so with noninvasive methodssuch as softening the stone and drawing it out. They may also use cotton swabs soaked in sterile saline to loosen the stone from the navel.

Another approach involves soaking the stone, or omphalolith, in sterile olive oilthen removing it with gentle manipulation. If an omphalolith has led to an infection and an abscess, however, surgical removal may be necessary. In this case, the surgeon makes an incision in the navel, drains the abscessand removes the stone. If the stone is particularly large, hard, or has caused an infection, it may be best for a doctor to remove it. They do so in a sterile environment, which can be difficult to reproduce at home.

Rarelyan omphalolith leads to an infection and an abscess in the navel. An abscess is a deep collection of pus that results from an infection. The American Academy of Dermatology recommend washing the body every day using mild soap and water, once a person reaches their teenage years.

It is also important to make sure that no soap remains in the navel, and using a clean, moist cotton bud, or Q-tip, may help.

If it is difficult to dry the inside of the navel with a towel, a dry Q-tip can usually do the trick. Learn more about cleaning the belly button here. Anyone who may have a navel stone should consult a doctor.

If they believe that the stone will come out easily with simple softening, they will give the person guidance about doing this safely or remove it themselves. For anyone with symptoms of a navel abscess, it is important to see a doctor.

While navel abscesses are not a common complication of omphaloliths, they can be uncomfortable or painful, and they need medical treatment. The authors of a case report mention that a doctor should distinguish between an omphalolith and other formations in the navel, including:. Navel stones are rareand a person may not realize that they have one unless it causes an infection or something else draws attention to the area.

Doctors can often soften and loosen the stone to remove it.By Madlen Davies for MailOnline. This is the revolting moment a man has a black rock-like growth dragged from his belly button. He is seen lying on his back with what appears to be a small stone buried deep in his navel, which he wants to remove. The clip begins showing his partner struggling to pinch the nodule with a pair of tweezers. She pulls and pulls at the stone, but it repeatedly slips out of her grasp.

Eventually - and after much tugging - she manages to prize the grotesque mass away from his stomach. She twirls the growth, which looks like a grey shard of flint, in front of the camera. Then, she lays it out on her partner's stomach, revealing a black stone with a sharp white tip. The second film ends when she finds nothing else in the crevice. These deposits are made up of sebum - the oily secretions made by skin glands - and keratin, a protein which gives the outer layer of skin its structure.


Disgusting: This gruesome video shows a man lying on his stomach with a black rock-like growth in his belly button left. His partner manages to pull it out with tweezers after several attempts right. Navel stone: The mass, which resembles a shard of flint with a white tip, is known medically as an omphalith, which occurs when oily secretions and skin cells.

In these groups, sebum and keratin accumulates and a stone can form. Omphaliths can also be linked with poor hygiene, doctors writing in the journal The Dermatologist said. They wrote: 'For many individuals, a direct relationship to personal hygiene has been shown. The navel stones can go for years without being diagnosed, until infection or abscesses occur.

As they can look similar to a malignant melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer, many patients go to the doctor concerned about this. The condition is not common, and very few reports of navel stones can be found in medical literature.

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belly button stone removal

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What to know about appendectomy

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belly button stone removal

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belly button stone removal

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This is what happens when you don't clean out your belly button

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